Monday, December 27, 2010

Wretched Ass Teenager

I've borrowed that phrase from one of my friends and we use it to lovingly describe my teenage son. The friends who have given me that phrase have raised three children to adulthood and survived the teenage years. There is hope for me as well. And, my daughter who is now 21 - she proves to me every day that there is life after the teen years and that your children do turn back into loving human beings.

I remember when I was a pre-teen and a teenager. Do you remember when the world was so clearly black and white and you mocked the hypocrisy of adults? In our day, for the most part, we didn't openly mock or talk back to our parents or other adults. Today's world, it is more common for the teenagers to tell their parents exactly how they feel without censor.

We squabble most of the time and find it hard to talk to each other. Although the moments when we do connect, we really do connect. The times that we don't connect, I know that he hears me even if he refuses to acknowledge it. He is listening and I find him acting on it later. But, Lord, do I need to pray for patience constantly!


grace said...

I don't have children. Only have been one. And I do agree, children of this day and age, are a whole different attitude. I see things, from friends, from clients, and I just say when I was a kid, this would never have been this way. There seems to be a lot of lack of disrespect for adults these times. I don't know how it happened, something went askew in the timeline of life.
I give you alot of respect and credit for dealing with this "current" teenager in these times. At least there are times you guys connect, so something is working, he hears you , I know he does, but the typical teenager, can't tell you you are right, although he knows you are. He knows you are!
:sigh: lots of deep breaths.
What trying times it must be Cathy.
You know us adults, we know nothing??!! ;). I wish my parents were still here so I could tell them, how right they were. Thank you. Your Son, as your Daughter, will soon, say to himself, wow, Mom really knows what's right. B).

Silentwhisper1 said...

I'm only but--learning that now.My daughter has become quite a lovely lady at nineteen:)
Much refection lately, and? hm, realizing the full circle of "life" that occurs in reminding us that we've done pretty well by our children.

Nice Post.

Hemraj said...
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Claudette Fernandes said...

Very well said. Keep it up.

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