Friday, August 08, 2008

Foxy - a New Addition

We have a new puppy, Foxy, a 3-month old mixed Labrador. Foxy is supposed to be housebroken, but she has christened my bedroom twice already. Once, right after she was outside and had already gone outside. She is very attached to my son already and cries when he leaves the room. In fact, because of my fear about her making more messes, I have a baby gate across the steps to the lower levels (have a split-level house) but to get to him, she has jumped over the gate three times down the stairs. She's learned now, I think, that I'm going to yell and bring her back upstairs, so now she's sleeping at my feet while I visit blogs and update my own.

I'm not used to puppies anymore. She jumped up on the kitchen chair and then onto the table. I have to keep an eye on her constantly!

So Far, So Good

For those of you on Rachel's community site, you know that my Uncle Mike had his transplant last Friday night. Today is a week and he is hoping to be out of the hospital in a few days. He is no longer on oxygen, is walking and doing incredibly well!

God is good!