Monday, October 23, 2006

Fuller/Who mania continues

In September, we spent a week following Rachel Fuller, Pete Townshend and the Who in NY and MA. Sept 11, we went to the Chelsea Barnes & Noble to see Rachel. It was an unusual venue for a concert, I thought. I never imagined going to a bookstore to hear a music event, but once we were there, in some ways you forgot that you were in a bookstore. But at the same time, it was amusing to watch people walk by on the street and do a double-take when they realized that Pete Townshend was sitting on the stage in front of the window playing his guitar.

After the B&N show, a number of bloggers (and non-bloggers) went out for dinner. It was the fifth anniversary of 9/11 and we ended up in a small neighborhood bar that had a large contingent of firefighters in full dress uniform. It was definitely an emotional night for them and for us.

Sept 12, Dave left NY to go to Philadelphia to join two other fellow bloggers to see the Who in Philadelphia. He returned to NY, on Sept 13, so we could go to the Jones Beach Who concert, my first Who concert.

Sept 14, we went to Joe's Pub for my first Attic show. It was Rachel, Foy Vance, Martha Wainwright and Pete. It was such an intimate venue. Watching the four of the them on stage together, casually interacting with each other, was almost like having friends who were musicians in your living room just jamming with each other. We had meet & greet tickets and while I got to talk to Foy (which was great), I didn't have any time with Rachel and very little time with Pete. However, I did get a hello kiss from Pete. Despite our lack of ability to use a digital camera, we had a great time laughing at each other and Dave got his jacket signed by Rachel. We hope to get Pete's signature on it in LA.

After Joe's Pub, another group of bloggers went out for drinks to re-live the night and hear each other's experiences and life stories. Colleen, Laura, Ronzi, Lou - it was wonderful getting to know you all better and I hope to see you again in NYC at Joe's Pub.

Sept 15, we were supposed to work from NY, but we really didn't get much work done. Still on too much of a high, I guess. We then traveled to Boston to see the Who. We watched that show from backstage and I have to say that the Boston show was far better than the Jones Beach show. Not because I was watching from backstage, which was quite an experience for me, but because the band, all of them, were more into the performance and seemed to be having more fun.

The week was over and we had only great memories and not all of them related to Rachel and Pete. But now we get to start over again!

Nov 6, we are off to LA for the LA Attic show on Nov 7. Unfortunately, our parental responsibilities prevent us from going out to the LA Barnes & Noble show on Nov 3 or the Who concerts in CA.

But we are looking forward to several more Who concerts in late November as well as the Joe's Pub second Attic show on Nov 29. Hopefully our luck will continue and we will be able to get tickets to that show.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

My first post

I've been reading many other blogs but until now, have never posted myself. I worry about how much to put out there on the internet. But I've met other bloggers thru Rachel Fuller's blog and sometimes can't comment on their sites without a blog of my own. So, here it goes, my own blog, which will probably remain fairly empty.