Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Basketball Game by Text Messaging

Jason had a tournament game tonight. The weather was rather iffy today - first it snowed, then it rained, then it hailed and then it got very foggy. The game was over in the next county, about 50 minutes away. My mom and her husband were going to go to the game but decided not to because of the weather. My daughter also didn't go. We were late to the game due to the weather and rush hour traffic. We got there before the game started, but Jason was so upset in the car because he wasn't going to have time to warm up and he didn't want to play anymore anyway, blah, blah, blah...

So I kept my mom and daughter in the loop by texting.

6:22 pm (me) CMS 12-10 /*CMS is his team*/
6:25 pm (Mom) Good is Jason playing
6:26 pm (me) Yes, he just got in, they're only up by 1 pt
6:27 pm (Mom) Good
6:28 pm (me) Jason just scored
6:28 pm (daughter) Cool
6:29 pm (Mom) Yea
6:30 pm (me) They're up by 8
6:30 pm (daughter) Okay I dont need every update :)
6:31 pm (me to daughter) Should've come
6:31 pm (Mom) Great
6:34 pm (me) Scored again, end of first half, up by 7
6:35 pm (Mom) Thank you
6:36 pm (me to Mom) Other team has 2 tall boys; rest are tiny
6:47 pm (daughter) Sry
6:48 pm (me) Almost 3Q, up by 7, he hasn't been back in yet
6:49 pm (daughter) that's why I didnt go. He never plays when I go
6:52 pm (me) Beginning of 4Q, he's going back in
6:55 pm (Mom) Good how is Ty playing
6:55 pm (me to Mom) Ok, he's alternating the two of them it seems
6:56 pm (me) Tie game
6:57 pm (me) Jason just broke the tie with a 3 ptr
6:57 pm (daughter) Nice
6:57 pm (Mom) Wow
7:02 pm (me) Was tied again, Ty broke it and got an add'l foul pt. Ty just got fouled again,
we're up 3
7:03 pm (me to Mom) Ty and J are in together
7:05 pm (me) Jason was fouled; got 1 of 2
7:06 pm (Mom) Score
7:08 pm (me) Tie game, 17 secs to go
7:09 pm (Mom) Wow
7:11 pm (me) 2.7 sec, we're down by 2
7:16 pm (me) Lost by 2
7:17 pm (Mom) Bummer
7:19 pm (daughter) That sucks

Should explain that in the beginning of the season, while his father and I, and several other parents thought Jason played extremely well, the coach didn't put him in for more than 5 minutes a game. As the season went on, he got more playing time and in this game, he played half of the game, the 2 and 4th quarters. The other night I was late in picking him up for practice and it was just him and the coach hanging out for a few minutes. I spoke to the coach and told him how much Jason liked the game and he told me how much he had improved over the season. We talked about possible summer camps for basketball and then I got in the car where Jason was waiting. I said something about what the coach had said and he snorted and said, yeah, he told me I was getting to be almost as good as Ty. Shows how badly he thought of me. I said, well, there must be something that Ty is doing that the coach likes and maybe you can learn from him. (That comment didn't go over well.) In today's game, he alternated Ty and Jason except for the last few minutes where they played together.

It was a nailbiter at the end of the game, but well-played by both teams. We fouled too much and that's why they lost the game.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New Computer

Got a new computer earlier this week. Now comes the joy of transporting files, photos and music from the old one! I am also finding software incompatibilities and the need to either upgrade or see if I can make the old versions work with the new computer....

Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Beginnings

A friend of mine and her husband have bought a small restaurant. I went there this morning for breakfast taking my son and two of his friends who had slept over the night before. When I walked in the door, a couple, who were my parents' best friends and who are still close to my mother, were sitting at the first table. I hadn't seen them for a while so it was great getting caught up with them. They are regulars at this place and told me that on the first day that my friends took ownership of the restaurant, my friend was so nervous and anxious, her hands were shaking.

I think she is still nervous, but excited over this new endeavor. Her husband has lost his job a number of times in the last few years. He has always loved cooking. It was his idea to buy the restaurant - said that he wouldn't get laid off and it would be up to him to fail or succeed. It's a very small place, almost like a diner, open from 5:30 am to 2:30 pm. I had never been there before, but had driven by it many times on the way to somewhere else. There are always cars parked anywhere possible so I knew it was a busy place. We were able to get a table when we got there but I heard that before we were there, you had to wait to get a table, and shortly after we got there, there was a line of people waiting.

Today was the first day that their son, my son's friend since first grade, was working at the restaurant as a bus boy. He was so proud and happy that his friends came to see him on his first day at work. He took a break and had lunch with us while we ate our breakfast. The boys had been at a middle school dance the night before. They talked about the girls they danced with and the sports they were playing. I watched their faces, noticing the changes that have started to come more quickly now as they move thru puberty. The bus boy who had always been a somewhat heavy boy, has lost weight, is taller than his mom and his face is thinner now taking on more of a man's face than a apple-cheeked boy. My son is almost as tall as me. The four of them have been close friends since first grade. There would have been five of them, but one was sick this weekend and missed the dance and the sleepover.